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Hofner 1960's Verithin Cherry With Bigsby

Comprehensive Servicing For Your Guitar.

Guitar Set Ups

A full setup includes the following: A thorough clean and buff of the body, cleaning and lemon-oiling the fingerboard, polishing the frets, setting string height/action, setting the intonation and truss rod (neck angle), adjusting tremolo-springs compatible guitars. Strings are provided at an additional cost of (Roughly £7.99).


Full restring includes the following: Cleaning the finger-board, polishing the frets, cleaning the guitar body, adjusting the truss rod, tightening hardware and finally re-stringing with a set of strings of your choice. We offer a wide variety of different string gauges and brands to suit your play style, which include, (but are not limited to): D'Addario, Ernie Ball, Fender, Elixir.

New Nut

The old worn out nut will be replaced by a new bone, graphite or brass nut to the customers request. Many off-the-wall guitars will be installed with a plastic nut from the factory. We do not recommend plastic, as there is often issues with tuning stability and string slippage whilst playing. The new nut will be installed, shaped and filed to the correct height for optimal playing experience using only the most-precise 'Stewmac' files available on the market.


Our replacement hardware services involve replacing tuners, bridges, pick-ups, control knobs, switches, strap-buttons and jack sockets. We are able to supply parts as we have good connections with many suppliers across the UK. These parts can be provided at an additional cost which will be added to the cost for labour. However, if you'd like to provide us with parts of your own, then this is absolutely fine aswell.


A re-fret consists of removing the old worn out frets, to be replaced by new stainless steel ones. We advise on stainless steel as this is the best material for replacement frets. You'll also find that with this material, the frets themselves with have longevity and will prolong your enjoyment and playing experience. We will of course fit to our clients specifications and needs. Service includes: an additional full set-up service.


We deal with cosmetic repairs, headstock breaks, binding repairs, bridge repairs, chips, dents, cracks, dings and minor blemishes. Our prices for our structural work may vary due to the extent of repair required and heavily depends on the severity of the break or crack, for example. For most breakages, we use 'Tightbond' wood glue which is considered to be the best for major breakages.

Special Set Up

Our Special Guitar Setup service is designed for the discerning musician who demands the highest level of playability and performance from their instrument. Whether you're a professional guitarist, a serious hobbyist, or an aspiring musician, our comprehensive setup will ensure your guitar is optimized for precision, comfort, and tone. Service consists of everything that our normal set ups do, but with an additional fret-dress and fret-sparkle.

Can't See Your Service?

Contact Pearce Guitar Maintenance & Repair Service for a one-off specialized quote if the service you require is NOT listed

above. Payment is taken for work prior to collection via an invoice, which will be sent through to your personal email address. If you would like to pay cash, then we are more than happy for you to do so once you come to collect. ALL payment is provided with a receipt of work. However, we do not offer ANY refunds. We do however offer a 30 day FREE tweaking service where adjustments will be made without additional payment.

Turnaround Times

We do our best to make sure that we get your guitar back to you in a professional and timely manner. However, on occasion and due to demand; turnaround times may vary. Typically, our normal turnaround times are between 5-7 days.

Our Promise

I only work with the best parts and tools available to me. I never compromise on the quality and or professionalism, with every guitar receiving the same attention to detail and un-divided love as the last.

I strive for honest customer service, as well as the highest standard of repair work available to you the client.

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